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Kahshanna Evans
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Kissing Lions Public Relations
New York/NY, United States
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Kissing Lions Public Relations is the boutique media hub headquartered in Manhattan that supports niche influencers, nascent products and services, professional services, mission-based organizations and emerging brands with a newsworthy story to tell through content production, media outreach, content creation and production, thought leadership, influencer marketing and overall strategy.

I welcome opportunities in public relations, integrated marketing, content production, brand management, event support, hospitality for lifestyle brands and have a focus on partnerships. I support clients in building holistic media muscles and have deep roots in storytelling, narrative, and brand-telling. I am proud to have worked with Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher, Soho Contemporary Art for the Ringo Starr Peace & Love Exhibition and Sale, Long Beach International Film Festival, The Vessel. by Lois, MWD Lifestyles/Weddings by MWD Lifestyles, The Brown Crayon Project, HolistiCityLyfe, ThetaHealing® NYC Wellness Center and School, 3rd Annual Women’s Celebration Fashion Show, and a private tech project that featured Wyclef Jean.

With an affinity for Startups and the "underdog" I developed "PR for the Happiness Economy" bootcamp and "KLPR Playbook" for influencers, thought leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and founders in need of support during pre-launch and early stages of project development (http://bit.ly/WIXhappyPRklpr). By necessity and popular demand, Kissing Lions Concierge for events is the latest brand development, which proves timely for event professionals in need of a stylish digital or personal touch [PR (at) KissingLions (dot) com].

My credits include associate producer for the feature length independent film White Lies, Black Sheep and I am also the proud author of Amani. I currently blog for Huffington Post and am a paid contributor for Industry Rules Magazine.
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