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David Hlavac
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Belletrist Communications
Minneapolis/MN, United States
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Belletrist (/bɛlˈlɛtrɪst/) n. One skilled in the art of belles-lettres. A pretty word-maker.

We are a full-service strategic communications practice dedicated to achieving results that matter. With more than 20 years of experience representing the world’s biggest brands, most disruptive startups and most compelling causes, we excel at making complex stories appeal to a wide-ranging array of stakeholders.

We help our clients think critically about their communications needs, beginning with a sound strategic framework and persisting with creative and newsworthy tactics that get noticed.

Belletrist Communications makes it easier for businesses, brands and associations to be prepared, be noticed and be recognized. We pair beautiful, compelling writing with the most effective engagement strategies to ensure your content and thought-leadership tactics are actionable and brand-appropriate.

Best of all, we never charge for ramp-up, research, check-in meetings or process/reporting deliverables. You pay only for the work delivered using either an hourly rate or pre-approved retainer/project fee.

We can't wait to work with you!