Chat Recap: Disasters, Perceived Missteps and More

On the second Wednesday in September, we held one of our traditional Q&A chats, where top independent communication professionals shared thought leadership, tips and advice in response to questions submitted by the community (learn how to join us here). On September 13, 2017 we weighed in with opinions and insight on the following topics of interest:

  1. During our recent spate of disasters, what brands/orgs stood out for you and why? #solopr
  2. With every disaster, people seem eager to point out perceived missteps. Do you think less of companies that do nothing? #solopr
  3. SM Mob mentality is so common these days, are you counseling clients differently on how to monitor/respond to social criticism? #solopr
  4. Given the inherent negativity, what role does social now play in your strategies – amplify? Feedback? Lead gen? #solopr
  5. Is PR losing ground to other disciplines? #solopr
  6. How many of you describe yourself as a PR pro? What do you say? #solopr
  7. How many are familiar with and using Google Analytics for client measuring/reporting? #solopr

A few of the top tweets are highlighted below (followed by a link to the full transcript):

Be sure to check out the transcript in PDF for the full discussion. Please note that the transcript is in reverse chronological order. If you weren’t able to join us this week, weigh in on the chat questions in the comments and mark your calendars for the next chat on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 1pm Eastern.